Request a silicone doll to accompany you

If you surf the websites selling these silicone dolls, you have a wide range of choices on the models that are displayed. And it is true that there are sex dolls intended to make an escort girl.

How to have a doll as an escort?

In the sexual world, an escort is a person who is available to accompany you anywhere. Most of these escorts are women, but men are also present, and they are trained to be both the partner, secretary, accountant, brother, cousin, wife or husband, etc. They are real actors who know how to play their roles well. These escort-girls have become reliable props for the practice of BDSM. Indeed, these role-playing suits her well and all men who are looking for a sadomasochistic sex partner ask for an escort to accompany them.

Sex workers are presented online

It is true that starpery will not replace a human woman. But, sexually, there will be more fantasies than realities, and we do it for fun. Escorting has replaced prostitution, because it is necessary to secure the girls in the streets, and it is rather undignified to see them on the sidewalks. There is no taboo in this work, no prohibition because the escorts have a rule to respect. They have simply changed the ground and it is on the Net that they publish the photos. The plastic doll on the escort site of the BDSM club is for example called Angel escort. She can change her head, her makeup, her complexion and even the type of hair on her pubic area, the diameter of her vagina, etc. An escort assembled from scratch and totally customizable, that's what customers want.

The escort doll can be delivered to your home, and picked up after the intimate session you are going to spend with her, but you can pick her up at the store.


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